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Pool Excavation

Pool and Spa Excavation

If you’re building a pool or an in-ground spa, you’ll need someone to dig up the ground first. One of our local professionals ABC Excavations may assist you with this.

For a wide range of houses and pool shapes, we provide pool and spa excavation services in Melbourne. We have the equipment to safely remove your swimming pool, whether you’re creating a square or circular pool out of concrete, fibreglass, or tiling. Because of the current structures and fences, this sort of earthmoving is more delicate and often. We use specialised equipment to ensure that we finish the excavation without causing too much damage to your house, including a narrow turning circle. Aside from the large hole in your backyard, of course. Drilling is necessary if we encounter rocks or clay in your location around Melbourne and how near your home is to the coast. Sandstone, shale, or concrete are examples of tough materials that might be discovered underground while performing this work.


Standard pool size in Australia

Is it true that big isn’t always better when it comes to buying a swimming pool? The majority of people select a pool that will match their backyard, but visitors to our display centres frequently seek our advice about the size of pool they need for their house.

While it’s helpful to have a standard pool size and a benchmark for your average pool, you must choose a pool that suits your own particular situation.

A typical lap pool size is anything between 40x18x5.5 and 35x15x4, with a normal depth of 4-6 feet. Shallow pools are even available, and they’re perfect for families with tiny children, newborns, or toddlers who live in small homes.

Slick edges, rounded corners, and simple rectangular ones are typically the first choices for buyers and homeowners. And, of course, the most popular is the in-ground variety of fibreglass pools. However, there are a number of sizes and forms available on the market.

Few other standard dimensions are as follows:

    6×4 – for an area of 20 square metres

    7×5 – for an area of 22 square metres

    8×4 – for an area of 33 square metres

    9×5 – for an area of 36 square metres

    10×6 – for an area of 42 square metres

There are three sizes of pools: big, modest, and urban. They’re ideal for people or “stand-alone” homes that are distinctive in design. You may expect to purchase a fibreglass swimming pool that fits your expectations, goals, garden, and budget. Standard lap pools are 9 metres long, and you may also discover more specialised smaller ones. They’re ideal for tiny residences.

A regular-size lap pool, a swim spa, or a minor Italian Jacuzzi are all excellent options if you just want to laze around at home this summer and do nothing. You and your family will profit from the leisure time as well as everyone else in your household. In this infernal heat, everyone wants to enjoy a lovely swim. In reality, today’s ‘designer’ pools are little more than lifestyle enhancements for houses. And they’re now popular in Australia.


Pool and Spa essentials and designs

Is there enough space for any pool size or shape? Is the pool site you’re thinking of irregularly shaped? Or is the planned pool area long and narrow? How about the ground itself: Is it level or sloped? Make sure you verify your backyard’s dimensions as they will influence the possible pool designs you can consider.

A swimming pool in their own backyard is the ambition of almost every homeowner. You may go for a swim or do a few laps whenever you feel like it with a backyard pool. There won’t be any need to make lengthy preparations and drive all the way to the beach to cool off in the summer – simply put on your swimsuit and plunge into it. This means there’s no stress, no hassle, and just a few expenses to consider — other than your typical pool maintenance charges.

Consider the things you want to achieve. A pool might mean different things to a homeowner, as previously said. This is why, during your pool ideas brainstorming session, consider the ways you and your family intend to utilise it.

The final pool design must not compete with the appearance of your backyard or the aesthetics of your home. The whole effect should be smooth and unifying. Your swimming pool’s environment should appear to be a natural extension of your house and the rest of your property.

swimming pool


A swimming pool construction project is a complicated and time-consuming process that demands careful planning and, depending on its size and intricacy, a substantial investment. This is why it’s critical to start by selecting the finest pool design for your home that will fulfil the purpose for which it was designed.

The rest of your property will look a lot like the design you pick, so don’t rush through the design selection procedure in order to discover how it will appear. Make sure you express your worries and ask questions during this phase. Make sure you view, approve, and implement the final design only after you are truly satisfied. You can anticipate spending many relaxing hours in your backyard pool as a result of this.

If you don’t have the pool accessories, does it make sense to have a pool? But what exactly is considered an essential accessory or any other pool item for that matter? The solution is to mix the obvious with a little creativity, and you’ll have the ideal fit. Not only that, but you will discover yourself enjoying your pool far more than you ever imagined possible.

  1. Goggles – There’s more to your pool than the top of the water. And you won’t be able to see what’s at the bottom of your pool well unless you have some goggles. When it comes to utilising your pool, having some great pool goggles will open up a world of enjoyment for you and yours.
  2. Water Toys -A pool isn’t worth much if it doesn’t include a variety of water toys for all members of your family, as well as some for amusement.
  3. Floaties – If you have children, floats, also known as inflatable armbands, are critical. These are ideal for individuals who don’t know how to swim or haven’t been in the water in a long time. Floaties are armbands that aid in floatation by providing buoyancy. Nothing is perfect, though, so they cannot rely on
  4. Cleaning Net – Many uses for a cleaning net have been discovered. A pool cleaning net will aid in the maintenance of your pool. Additionally, keeping your pool clean and free of medium and large debris will help prevent blockages in your filtration system. In addition, a cleaning net may assist you in quickly retrieving anything that has fallen into your pool by accident.
  5. Pool Cover – If you have a pool, a pool cover is highly recommended since it will not only help prevent debris from accumulating in your pool but also animals such as bears, deer, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, ducks and other birds from getting in. A pool cover may also save someone’s life by preventing a child or anyone else from falling.
  6. Grill – Poolside barbequing is one of the most popular pool games. And you can’t do that unless you have a grill. However, having a poolside grill might be inconvenient at times. You must drag it in, out, and around every time you wish to use it. So why not hire a pool company to construct an outdoor kitchen.
  7. Towel Rack – Having a towel bar on your poolside appears to be an obvious thing; but, surprisingly, most people do not consider one until they need it. So don’t leave yourself hanging anywhere to store your towels, whether wet or dry. Not to mention a designated location where everyone may lay their towels, and they’ll know whose towel is whose and exactly where to put them.
  8. Chairs – Yes! This is another no-brainer, but we’re not here to talk about chairs in and of themselves. We all know you need pool chairs, but what we’ll tell you is to think carefully about the sorts of seats you’ll require, the number of them you’ll need, and where you’ll be placing them because those are some things. People often buy furniture they don’t need or want, only to discover that it doesn’t fit their needs, wants, or lifestyle when they get it home. Don’t let this be you!
  9. Tables – It’s still the same old tale. As you know, you’ll need tables; nevertheless, as we previously said with the chairs, the same logic applies to your tables. Make sure you consider what types of tables you’ll need, how many you’ll need, and where you’ll be placing them before purchasing.
  10. Fire Pit – If you don’t have a fire pit in or close to your pool area, you’re missing out on something. You may use your pool all year if you have a fire pit. There’s nothing like sitting by the pool with a roaring fire, drinking hot cocoa, or whatever you want for a hot drink. What an enjoyable, peaceful, and/or romantic sensation it is!


Techniques, tools and equipment ABC uses in making pools

Swimming pools are a tricky subject. While most people advise hiring professionals to do such a huge and complicated project, skilled homeowners with prior DIY renovations experience may build one depending on the size of the pool. Whether you’re a carpenter or a do-it-yourselfer with the most up-to-date concrete vibrator, there are several specialist gears to choose from.

  • Excavator – An excavator is required if you’re creating an in-ground pool. If you’ve never used one of these machines, it’s a digger that’s used to scoop up the earth where your pool will be located and shape it into the form necessary.
  • Saws – When it comes to designing a pool, you’ll almost certainly require a variety of saws. For example, will you be using tiles for the floor and walls of your pool? Or maybe you’ll use them as border edging to provide a dry, safe surface with plenty of traction to walk on. If you’re renovating a bathroom and need large tiles to go around the vanity, chances are you’ll be creating your own. If this is the case, it’s worth investing in a tile wet saw to cut the tiles you need so they fit properly.
  • Concrete mixer – The concrete mixer is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need for a pool construction project. You’ll have to pour concrete into the hole after digging it, sorting out your plumbing and power connections, installing your steel reinforcements, and completing the other essential procedures.

You can prepare the concrete mixer at the job site and use it as soon as it’s ready. If you’re building a deck around the swimming pool excavation and need concrete footings for its posts, you’ll also need this item.

There are a number of methods to construct a pool, which means you’ll have to purchase a variety of supplies. To employ the most up-to-date and best ABC Excavations is ready to assist you.